Michell Estate Agents

Michell Estate Agents is a boutique real estate agency specialising in luxury residential property in the picturesque coastal region of Coffs Harbour and its surrounds. Championed by Simone Michell, an experienced agent with a passion for beach property and high-level expertise in property development, market analysis, and marketing and presentation, Michell Estate Agents is the agency of choice for high-end investors looking for reliable support and skillful advocacy in navigating the unique challenges of the luxury property market.

Michell Estate Agents is underpinned by disciplined organisational management, noteworthy business acumen, and insider knowledge of locally based property specialists passionate about beach living. Providing disciplined management, masterly negotiation, and expert advice on strategies for achieving rewarding real estate goals, Michell Estate Agents supports investors throughout Coffs Harbour, Sapphire Beach, and Korora. 

Providing precise property pricing, professional marketing, and advice across sales, construction, architecture, and interior design, Michell Estate Agents is a leading authority on beach property throughout the Coffs coast. With first-class communication and client support, the agency is fast becoming one of the most heavily demanded in the region for investors aiming to achieve the market’s highest investment returns.

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