Simone Michell

Simone Michell is a licensed real estate agent specialising in luxury residential property in picturesque Coffs Harbour and its surrounding suburbs. Her vast experience as a sales agent—paired with her experience in managing reputable businesses operating in fast-paced hospitality environments—allows Simone to benefit her clients with exceptional organisational skills, disciplined time management, and well-crafted strategies for achieving their real estate goals.

With a Diploma of Business Administration, and a Cert III in Building and Construction, Simone’s expertise in property development, market analysis, and marketing and presentation positions her as a strong and successful advocate for clients investing in the higher end of the market. Her personal and professional interest in architectural and interior design has given her a well-honed eye for detail that informs her remarkable accuracy in pricing property, and she is able to provide her clients with practical, specialist advice in achieving the highest possible returns on their investments.

Having lived in Coffs Harbour and Sapphire Beach, Simone’s broad local knowledge and passion for beach living is instrumental in her consistent delivery of better financial outcomes than her clients expect. Her highly regarded insights make Simone a formidable negotiator, and her ambitious approach to meeting the unique challenges of the bespoke property market helps her to create trusting professional relationships with her clients where she provides them with an enviable peace of mind.

With a solid growth focus, a passion for learning, and an authentic and supportive communication style, Simone is well positioned as one of Coffs Harbour’s most sought-after sales agents.

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